4Chan, Digg, and Republicans - Oh My!

Many have observed that it's quite apparant digg and 4chan users are starting to frequent reddit.  On top of that, more republicans have been moving in.  How did these groups - so antithetical to reddit - ever find us?  Who taught them to read and write?  Who showed them the way in?  One might fold their hands and say, "Ho Hum!  It was inevitable that they would find us here."  But not I.  No, I know there is one wretched entity responsible for this crime and much more...

Atheism Tampering

You'll hear different perspectives from different redditors, from an unfortunate fix for a preexisting problem to a vast Christian Right conspiracy orchestrated by /r/christianity.  The truth is much more shocking.

Massive Downvotes

We've all seen it.  Whether on our favorite subreddit, or on our own account, massive subreddits have been a problem for a long time now.  We've all had our thoughts as to who might be responsible.  /r/christianity likes to blame /r/atheism, and /r/atheism likes to blame /r/christianity.  Individuals blame those they've had disagreements with recently.  Is it possible there is one person doing it all?

The Negative H Curse

It's gotten more attention lately but some say it's been there all along - the negative H.  Look at a comment, and the up/down arrows...do you see that nasty, vile H?  Was this reddit's plot all along, to drive us all mad?  Neither.  In fact, it is the logo of the the evil creature at work behind all the misfortune on reddit lately, planted in secret to mark its foul work.

All these problems...and more: Many Crimes, One Criminal

What wicked villain would do all this to reddit?  How many more tragedies has he caused?  I'm exposing him, so we can all be on the lookout for his work.  Let's join together to defend reddit against her arch-enemy: Hamilton!  BEHOLD!  THE FIEND OF THE NEGATIVE H!